Bitcoin Multipliers – they Deserve it Here's something that will probably make you chuckle: So, apparently, there's a platform out there called the "Bitcoin Multiplier. It's a website. The idea is this: You send them your bitcoin, and they'll "exploit some algorithms with the exchanges" to multiply your holding and send it all back to you when they're done. And the best part? They won't even charge you any commission. They provide this service 100% free of charge. Now, jeez... isn't that nice of them! Why on earth would these clever and good people provide such wonderful service for free? Ah! According to their website, it's… Read More
Bitcoin vs. Gold In case you missed my email last week ("5 new signs that Bitcoin is entering the mainstream"), here's an insight you might find interesting: According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, more people are now searching Google for "buy bitcoin" than "buy gold". Do you know what this means? Bitcoin can no longer be considered an "alternative" investment. Not unless you want to say that gold is an alternative investment too. (It's not. Almost all of the major "old money" families around the world hold a significant portion of their wealth in gold bullion, as does almost every country… Read More
5 new Signs that Bitcoin is Entering the Mainstream Here are five new things that happened this week, which further indicate that Bitcoin is edging closer to breaking through to the mainstream: #1 – Icelandic pop star Bjork announces that fans can pre-order her new "Utopia" album using Bitcoin (or three over cryptocurrencies). (more) #2 – Yale, Wharton, and Hass, three prestigious business schools, have announced they are offering courses on cryptocurrency. (more) #3 – Goldman Sachs sent a private memo to its clients predicting that the price of Bitcoin could soon reach as high as $8,000. (more) #4 – More people are now searching Google for "buy bitcoin"… Read More
My new Bitcoin book is on You don't know this – not yet – but over the last six months, I've been secretly working on a new book, and it has just been published on Amazon. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain: Surprising Insights from 200+ Podcast Interviews of Industry Insiders, by Richard Jacobs (IMPORTANT – If you forward your email receipt to us, we have a special surprise gift for you. It's my way of saying thanks.) This book reveals some of the most groundbreaking – and, frankly, mindblowing – insights that I've discovered through interviewing more than 200 blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, professional investors, and respected… Read More
What I’ll do if Bitcoin’s Price Collapses Last night, a friend of mine asked me: "Aren't you worried about Bitcoin's price collapsing? What happens if you wake up tomorrow, find the bubble has burst, and your bitcoin aren't worth jack?" It's a fair question. Here's what I told her: No. I'm not worried about Bitcoin's price collapsing. Why? Because Bitcoin is just like any other economic resource: Although its price jumps up and down in the short term according to the whims and fancies of the market, over the long-term its value is determined by the fundamentals of its economics. And Bitcoin's fundamentals are sound. So –… Read More
3 Big Hurdles Cryptocurrency has to Clear In this blog, we mostly talk about the positive aspects of the blockchain revolution and where the opportunities lie. Today, I thought we'd take a quick a look at the threats. Because – make no mistake – although many of us, myself included, believe in the future of cryptocurrency so much that we're willing to literally bet our life savings on it, there are risks and the future is far from certain. Most industry insiders agree that the blockchain revolution faces the following three main hurdles (which it must clear before it can really take off): #1: Government and the… Read More
Crypto vs. fiat currency Here's some common "advice" you'll hear from well-meaning friends who know just enough about economics to be dangerous but not enough to be smart: "Cryptocurrency is backed by nothing. Only an idiot would hold it." Au contraire, my friend. Cryptocurrency isn't backed by nothing. It's backed by PEOPLE – people who use it, people who believe in it, people who put their wealth into it. Take Bitcoin for example... As of right now, as I'm writing this, Bitcoin has a market cap of $104 billion. That's the real-world value of all the belief that countless people around the world have… Read More
WARNING – not our Conference Over the last few days, I've received reports that another "Bitcoin conference" has been sending emails to our subscribers (as well as folks who registered for the Super Conference) with the following subject line: You inquired about Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 If you receive these emails, please ignore them. Although they appear to have been written to sound like they come from us, they do NOT. We are not connected with this conference in any way. I took a look at their website, as well as their history (using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine), and it looks like it… Read More
Who’s the *Real* Sucker here? Last week, I received a somewhat confusing message from a reader (who shall remain anonymous). Here's the gist of it: I believe that this conference is important to those who need to understand where all this is going. I would like to attend but also feel the price, even at $497 (500) is a little high and am sure it is to harness only the serious investors. Just a second: This conference isn't just for "serious" investors. Yes - many of folks who bought tickets last week are experienced investors who already understand, from experience, that being privy to "inside"… Read More
We’re in the News! Thought you might like to see this: Crypto Insider – a respected Bitcoin and blockchain platform, which is sending two of its writers to the conference – had just published a write-up on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference. Here's the link if you want to take a look: A Look into the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference, by Daniel Dalton. (There's some information about some of the headline topics, as well as an interesting perspective on what the author sees as being the main the strength of this conference compared to other blockchain conferences.) Also, The Merkle… Read More
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