Exhibitor Information

Why have an exhibitor booth?

  • Gain tremendous brand awareness
  • Boost your company's public relations
  • Interact with 800+ attendees (hodlers, investors, speakers, crypto lovers, miners, traders, developers, and founders)



Kore Coin

Salt Lending Holdings, Inc.

Crypto Collectibles





The Bitcoin Podcast

Algebraix Data


BlockchainOS, Inc.





Exhibitor Info

Right outside the main ballroom on the east and southern hallways (shown on the venue page) is where the exhibitor booths will be located.

Booth placement in the hallway will put you directly in the path of all attendees, and is considered to be premium space, although booth pricing you will see is less expensive than many comparable conferences.

If all premium booth spots are taken, we have additional space available in Irving Rooms 1, 2 and 3.

If you want to purchase two booths, we’re offering a $500 savings on an additional booth (2 maximum due to space)

*** Two unique innovations / upgrades available are:

(1) Exhibitors that wish to sponsor a 30 second announcement before a particular speaker’s speech can do so. This will help drive tremendous engagement and more traffic to your booth, as the announcement will be made to the entire main ballroom audience.

(2) Your 30 second announcement can also include a scheduled “booth-side talk”, which will drive even more attendees to you.

Here’s an announcement example:

“We’re about to bring out speaker John Smith. His speech is sponsored by ABC Company, who has a booth located just outside this ballroom. ABC Company does XYZ product / service, and they’re going to be having a “booth‐side” 10 minute talk today at 3pm.”

Remember: you can be an exhibitor, sponsor, attendee, AND speaker, providing you tremendous exposure and cross-promotion.

Exhibitor Booth(s)

Booth purchase includes:
  1. Premium booth (10′ x 10′) (located in East or South Hall outside main ballroom)
  2. Power / electricity to booth
  3. Two (2), complimentary, all-access attendee passes
  4. Lowest rate available for purchasing additional (3+) all access conference passes
  5. 2019 Conference Signup Lowest Rate Discount
  6. Custom promotional web-banners, and twitter / slack / facebook / email promo templates provided to help co-brand you with the conference and disseminate over your social media channels
Booth upgrades available for purchase:
  1. Wi-fi connection(s) (cost per connection)
  2. 10 min, live presentation to main ballroom audience
  3. 30-second, (pre-speech) mention of scheduled & announced 10 min booth-side talk
  4. Booth-side talk listed on daily agenda (given to all attendees)
  5. Professional video of your booth-side talk(s)
  6. Professional photo(s) of your booth-side talk(s), and company attendees
  7. Pay a speaker to conduct a live, 10 minute talk at your booth at a schedule time
  8. Note: a-la-carte sponsorships available (SEE LIST)