Brett Blackman

Brett Blackman

CEO of HealthSplash, Inc. ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Brett is a successful entrepreneur, consultant and a leading influencer driving innovation and disruption in the healthcare technology space.

Brett specializes in assisting and franchising small to midsize companies to maximize hidden or underused assets and is now in his 17th year of owning and developing more than 30 companies nationwide.

He has helped build five different companies from $1-2 million in revenues to more than $30-40 million within 36 months of joining/starting the company. Brett’s ability to develop a team which has a focus on operational processes and streamlining efficiencies has propelled him to his success at such a young age.

In the last five years he has shifted his attention to the healthcare industry, successfully developing healthcare and medical technology companies HealthMax 360, PME Home Health, and healthcare direct marketing company, MediaLoop.

He successfully expanded medical compliance documentation technology company, PMDRX into Orthotics Durable Medical Equipment (DME), and four other medical spaces that now service more than 200,000 patients and close to 4,000 physicians and saw documentation error rates fall to less than 2%.

Renaming the company to DMERX, he recently acquired the company into his latest and most innovative venture, HealthSplash.

HealthSplash is the result of Brett’s dream to eliminate suffering from disease by instantly delivering healthcare data to the right person at the right time to save lives.

He founded HealthSplash to disrupt the healthcare industry by redefining how the four cornerstones (Patients, Providers, Servicers and Payors) interact with each other, giving transparency and truly friction-free healthcare. HealthSplash is the first 360°platform for healthcare management, built on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The fast-growing company, already headed toward profitability, is integrating blockchain technology into its core processes and creating a healthcare ecosystem unlike anything that exists today.  His vision of the patient owning their own data and gaining access to friction-free healthcare is how the industry will transition to proactive healthcare versus reactive healthcare.

Blackman, a highly visible voice in shifting the existing healthcare paradigm, is an advocate for transforming healthcare from reactive to proactive care and challenging people to own their own healthcare data.

Blackman’s global speaking tour “You Own You: Revolutionizing Healthcare and Giving Control Back to the Patient”made its debut at the 2018 Crypto Funding Summit and he will be delivering a keynote at the Blockchain Asia Expo.

Brett has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Park University.

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