Colin Pape

Colin Pape

Project Lead at

I am interested in connecting with other entrepreneurs and leaders who share the vision for a more positive, connected and local future, and wish to help passionate individuals change the world one relationship and transaction at a time.

The trend towards globalization is slowly giving way to the re-localization movement.

A disconnect between producers, consumers and communities bred by globalization has created a culture of short-term thinking and spending patterns that threaten our environment and the stability of our economies and social systems.

The recent surge of the green movement, the local food movement, and the shop local movement is the first wave of today’s trend toward conscious consumption.

As someone who grew up in a small-town environment, it’s obvious to me that a return to local community, and the accountability, trust and connection that ‘local’ fosters is a key component of any potential solution to the challenges we face.

Local commerce and something called the ‘local multiplier effect’ can help us escape the race to the bottom that we are currently engaged in, and enable us to change the culture of the world to one focused on quality, community and resourcefulness, one area at a time. and were developed to help facilitate this shift, and we are actively working to create a scalable model for holistic local economies powered by entrepreneurs.

Specialties: Domain names, guerrilla marketing, community commerce, community capital, platform development, public speaking, leadership and collaboration.