Prateek Aggarwal

Prateek Aggarwal

Senior Practice Leader – Digital Services, NIIT Technologies

Prateek has led innovative data science efforts at NIIT since august 2016 and has participated in pre-sales efforts of NIIT’s Digital Foresight product to about 30 clients. He leads a data science team that is continuously building algorithms for data sourcing, data quality, personalization in marketing and pricing focusing on investment banks, insurance, travel and media. Recently he has consolidated the efforts of the company in the space of Blockchain and translated the knowledgebase across the company into products within the Blockchain technology that he aims to highlight during the conference.

Prateek started his corporate career working as a principal retail scientist with Oracle retail, building pricing and allocation algorithms for retail chains like JC Penny, Bloomingdale's etc. He then worked as a senior analytics engineer with Adobe helping the product development team and marketing team in improving the web services and customer acquisition by monitoring online customer behavior. He then built a business providing wholesale services to retail stores in Massachusetts area. This involved building mobile technologies for supporting the sales team. As a business, he also built a software for customer acquisition and operations management for dry-cleaning franchises.

Prateek worked with JP Morgan as a senior data scientist in 2013-2014, exploring opportunities using their credit card transaction data. He then worked with a startup using similar data to cater to hedge funds. He also worked as a chief data scientist for companies such as Dataline, Mckinsey and lastly with Capco where he built budgeting solutions and recommendation engines targeting retail customers of banks.

Prateek graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Electronics engineering in 1992. He then received his PhD in Biomedical engineering (neuroscience) from Boston University in 2002. He then worked as a post-doc in the psychology department at Boston University until 2005. Meanwhile he built a business performing logistics management for clinical trials conducted by hospitals in Boston area.