Robert Lufkin

Robert Lufkin

Co-Founder of DeepRadiology

Robert Lufkin, MD co-founded DeepRadiology in 2015. Prior to that Robert Lufkin was a Professor of Radiology at UCLA School of medicine.

Professor Lufkin has a lifelong interest in artificial intelligence with undergraduate specialization in computer science at Brown University.

Internationally known for scientific works in radiology, Professor Lufkin has written 14 text books, over 300 scientific papers and has been an invited speaker in 18 countries.

Professor Lufkin’s honors include serving as President of the Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, President of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology and numerous other professional affiliations.

‘Being able to employ blockchain and artificial intelligence to develop revolutionary new medical technology to improve healthcare is a dream come true.’

Professor Robert Lufkin will discuss DeepRadiology, the first blockchain enabled medical imaging service using the latest artificial intelligence techniques to reduce the cost and increase the quality of healthcare worldwide for all. DeepRadiology brings together the brightest minds in the field to create revolutionary products that are transforming healthcare. Yann LeCun, widely regarded as the ‘father of deep learning’ is part of our team. DeepRadiology has developed the first CT scan system that is able to detect clinically significant pathology in CT scans of the head with better performance than human physician/radiologists.

The unique software system was created using the latest artificial intelligence techniques, the knowledge contained in every major textbook on the subject, and the experience of reviewing over 9 million CT scan images. This technology is now being applied to other medical imaging areas to handle plain x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging [MRI], mammography, and nuclear medicine studies.

Using blockchain technology and a tokenized business model we will be distributing this service worldwide and allowing our community to participate in the development, allocation and use of new products.

DeepRadiology is furthermore committed to a unique business model where healthcare institutions will pay for the services however any individual will be able to access these services at no charge through a special portal thus enabling for the first time, free healthcare for any individual anywhere in the world.