Tim Draper

Draper Associates & Draper University

Topic: Blockchain, Bitcoin and how they are transforming industries, government and society

John McAfee

CEO/Founder of Mgt Capital Investments & McAfee Associates

Topic: Emerging cryptocurrencies and their impact on businesses and on established currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereu

James Altucher

Topic: How I see the crypto industry unfolding in 2018

Joe Ciccolo

CAMS, CFE, AMLCA and President, BitAML, Inc.

Topic: Regulation in Changing Times

Stephanie Graham

'Soft Fork' Master Sponsor - Founder of Ask the Shopologist & Crypto Cardio

Topic: Crypto Cardio - Getting Your Crypto Wallets Active

Andre De Castro

CEO & Founder of
Blockchain of Things, Inc.

Topic: Transforming IoT Security and Application Development via the Blockchain

Michael Gord

Executive director of the Blockchain Education Network ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Building Global Communities & Network Effects

Sergey Nazarov

CEO of SmartContract.com

Topic: Taking Smart Contracts Beyond Tokenization

Amber D. Scott

MBA, CIPPC, CBP, CAMS, Founder & Chief AML Ninja, Outlier Solutions Inc.

Topic: "Regulation in Changing Times"

Shawn Owen

CEO of Salt Lending Holdings, Inc.

Topic: The incentives of good debt in the digital age

Dominik Zynis

WINGS Co-founder & MarCom Lead

Topic: Using Ethereum Technology & Forecast Markets for Promoting and Predicting ICO success

Valentin Schmid

Business Editor at The Epoch Times

Topic: Why Bitcoin is Money. History of money, sound money, compare bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to other forms of money, like bank credit, fiat, gold.

Alan Cohn

Of Counsel, Steptoe & Johnson, LLP

Topic: The Emerging Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework

Corey Petty

Host of The Bitcoin Podcast and BlockChannel

Topic: The Social Implications of Blockchain Infrastructure.

John Wise

Founder/CEO at Loci, Inc.

Topic: The Ethical Way to ICO

Gerald J. Reihsen, III

Founder & CEO of Primum Consult

Topic: The Coming Tsunami of Blockchain Lawsuits and Predatory Litigation – Protecting Yourself as a Developer, Investor, and Crypto Enthusiast from the Sharks

Erick Miller

CEO at CoinCircle

Topic: Blockchain’s Future (2018 and Beyond)

Alex Mashinsky

Founder & CEO Celsius Network

Topic: Celsius The Credit Coin

Ryan Faust

Founder of CryptoVice.com

Topic: Exploring Physical Cryptocurrency Coins

Troy Mihalek

Founder of CryptoVice.com

Topic: Exploring Physical Cryptocurrency Coins

Colin Pape

Project Lead at Presearch.io

Topic: The decentralized search engine

Prateek Aggarwal

Senior Practice Leader – Digital Services, NIIT Technologies

Topic: Applications of Blockchain technology in Financial, Insurance and Travel Industry

Will Madden

Founder & CEO, bridge21

Topic: Cross border payments

Josh Rosenblatt


Topic: Emerging Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework

Gray Sasser

Co-Chair of Frost Brown Todd LLC

Topic: Emerging Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework

Paul Snow

Co-Founder of Factom Inc.

Topic: The Killer Applications we will see on Blockchains in 2018

Jeremy Kauffman

Founder, CEO of LBRY

Topic: Hello LBRY- Blockchain-based Digital Content Distribution

Tatiana Moroz

CEO and Founder at Crypto Media Hub

Topic: Free the Art - How and Why Cryptocurrencies, Communities, and Creators Can Unite

Daniel Winters

President Global Tax Accountants, LLC ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Cryptocurrency & Taxes: Bitcoin, ICOs and other Crypto Assets

Lisa Zarlenga

Co-Chair of Tax Group at Steptoe

Topic: Emerging Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework

Todd Rowan

CEO and Co-Founder Rewards.com

Topic: Disrupting the Loyalty & Rewards industry with Blockchain.

Charlie Silver

CEO of Algebraix Data

Topic: Bringing Cryptocurrency Mainstream

Julian Hosp

Co-founder & President at TenX

Topic: Connecting blockchains as the final step for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

Paul Puey

CEO/Founder of Edge

Topic: Hardfork Security and Pitfalls

Nicolas Fierro

CEO and Founding Partner at MIMIR Blockchain Solutions

Topic: Non-cryptocurrency Blockchain use cases

Hunter Prendergast

CTO and Founding Partner at Mimir Blockchain Solutions

TOPIC: Smart Contracts- Use Case Challenges and Triumphs

Gaurang Torvekar

Co-Founder & CTO of Indorse

Topic: Blockchain revolutionizing skills and certifications

Jordan Earls

Co-Founder & lead developer of Qtum

Topic: On-chain governance and the future of smart contracts

Raynaldo Rivera

Chief Communications Officer at Haasonline

Topic: Tradebot Secrets: The Bots Behind the Curtains

Yezune Choi

CTO / Creator of 'Trust Contract'

Topic: Public Financing

Breaux Walker

SVP Business Development at XCHNG (Brought to you by Kochava)

Topic: How Blockchain Will Revolutionaize Digital Advertising

Peter Saddington

Co-Founder at Blockchain Design Co

Topic: Investing in Crypto

Michael Perklin

Chief Information Security Officer at ShapeShift.io

Topic: Future of Crypto

Aaron Lasher

CMO & Co-Founder of Bread

Topic: Writing history: Financial liberation and the rise of the Millenialionaires

Łukasz Żeligowski

CEO / Founder / Software Engineer

Topic: "Future of mining"

Nathan Nichols

CEO & Co-Founder at TaxToken

Topic: Enhanced Accounting with Distributed Ledger Technology

Bill Barhydt

Founder & CEO of Abra

Topic: The Next Wave of Digital Currency Investing

Stan Larimer

President at Cryptonomex Inc.

Topic: The Jump to Light Speed

Alex Eaton

CEO of Bitcoin Beginner Box ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Bitcoin basics, what is needed to get started.

Douglas Saunders

(Main Event & Soft Fork Speaker) Co-Founder & CEO at TravelBlock

Topic: TravelBlock - Lowering the cost of travel by utilizing blockchain technology

Lyn Ulbricht

CEO of Ross Ulbricht Defense

Topic: Silk Road Goes to the Supreme Court: Digital Privacy at Stake

Daniel Wang

Creator, Founder & Chairman of Loopring Foundation

Topic: Loopring - Decentralized Exchange Protocol

Alex Alexandrov

CEO at CoinPayments Inc.

Topic: Crypto Currency Processing and Evolution of Money

Ken Lang

CTO at COSIMO Venture Partners

Topic: Optimizing Digital Governance in Cryptocurrency

Simon Yu

CEO & Co-Founder at StormX, Inc.

Topic: Future of Crypto Scaling: Bitcoin & Ethereum

Matthew Unger

CEO and Founder of iComplyICO

Topic: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Decentralized Markets

Len Veil

VP, Strategic Business Development

Topic: Provable Device Security in Blockchain Transactions

Dustin Byington

President of Wanchain

Topic: TBD (To be determined)

Daryl Snyder

CEO/Managing Partner Cryptosumer LLC

Topic: Maintaining a competitive edge in Cryptocurrency Mining

Josh McIver

Co-Founder & CEO at ULedger, Inc.

Topic: Seemless Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain

Bryan Doreian

Ambassador of PIVX

Topic: Privacy, Blockchains, People - Why it matters, who cares, and how a global community of individuals are innovating the future

Pierre Noizat

Co-founder & CEO Paymium

Topic: Bitcoin: Segwit inside, Inside segwit

Jason Brown

Head of Markerting of Komodo and Supernet ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: What is Komodo Platform?

Parker McCurley

Founder of decent

Topic: Tales from the Crypt - When Blockchain Goes Bad

Adryenn Ashley

Topic: Minting the Future: How Startups are Funding Their Dreams with Crypto

Pedro Anderson

COO & Founder Winding Tree

Topic: Blockchain's Future (2018 and Beyond)

Graham Goddard

Founder & CEO of All Public Art

Topic: Merging Art and Blockchain - AllPublicArt.io

Valerian Bennett

Founder & CEO of PopChest

Topic: PopChest: A Case Study in Decentralized Video

Ken DiCross

Co-Founder & CFO of Social Wallet Inc.

Topic: Social Wallet Token Sale

Konstantin Gladych

CEO at Changelly

Topic: Atomic Swaps: Middlemen Killer or Empty Talk?

Tim Bukher

Partner at Thompson Bukher LLP

Topic: Applying the Tech Startup Mindset to ICO Evaluations (And Recent Regulatory Developments)

Serafin Lion Engel

Founder & CEO of Datawallet

Topic: Self-sovereign wallets, the future of data, and ICO lessons

John Bushe

President, Zero Waste Advocacy

Topic: Blockchain - “Turning Trash into Cash”

Joseph Wang

Founder and CEO of cryptoHWwallet

Topic: The advantages of cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Simon Cocking

Topic: Investing in crypto

Steven Kanaval

Topic: Digital Currency valuations trajectory through the eye of a Portfolio Manager

Derek Lovrenich

Insurance Disrupter And Blockchain Evangelist. Raterspot (Soft Fork Speaker)

Topic: Insurance Technology and Blockchain - You're doing it wrong

Mark Lurie

CEO and founder of Codex

Topic: Building an industry consortium and protocol for the art and collectibles asset class

Arman Rousta

Founder & CEO at 401kid, Inc. ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Family friendly digital wallet that educates kids on how to value and manage financial assets.

Hans Lombardo

CMO of Blockpass IDN ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Blockpass - Identity for a connected world

Michael Rom

COO/CTO of Octet, Co-founder of Octet NEXT

Topic: Fixed Income for the Masses - How Octet NEXT is democratizing trade finance for all

Luis Macias

Topic: The Future of Agriculture and Blockchain

Samir Damani

CEO and cofounder MintHealth ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: How blockchain and token incentives will revolutionize healthcare.

Brett Isenberg

CCO of Octet, Co-founder of Octet NEXT

Topic: Fixed Income for the Masses - How Octet NEXT is democratizing trade finance for all

Andrew Wagner

Topic: The Ultimate Hash Value

Jeremy Cogan

Topic: The Importance of Blockchain Education

Tineke Zwart

PR Manager - All Public Art

Topic: Merging Art and Blockchain - AllPublicArt.io

Pete Wassell

Founder, CEO of Augmate ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: How distributed ledgers can tackle IoT’s biggest flaws

Rajesh Pavithran

Co-Founder of BOON Coin ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Artificial Intelligence powered Job Marketplace

Sam Capizzi

('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: TBD (To Be Determined

David Wachsman

Founder & CEO Wachsman ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: TBD (To Be Determined)

Meredith Darden

Craig Sproule

Founder & CEO Crowd Machine

Topic: Crowd Machine - A Disruptive Blockchain Infrastructure

Gary Leland

Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, Videographer, Social Media Marketer , Publisher CryptoCousins ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining: Notes From The Field

Justin Dombrowski

CEO and Founder of Soho, Advisor to Octet NEXT

Topic: Fixed Income for the Masses - How Octet NEXT is democratizing trade finance for all

Michael Frasier

VP Business Development

Topic: Blockchain in Emerging Markets

Rishan Bhagowat

Token Sale Architect - All Public Art

Topic: Merging Art and Blockchain - AllPublicArt.io

Jena Binderup

Chief Communications Officer at Blocksafe ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Blocksafe: The Decentralized Blockchain Network For Sensor-Based Systems

Alexander Demidko

Technical Advisor of Fluence.ai ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Fluence.ai - The Solution For Decentralized Encrypted Database Service

Ed Rush

Time #1 Best Selling Author, A Former F-18 Fighter Pilot ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: One Coin to Rule Them All: Which Currencies Will Survive and Why

Oliver Prock


Topic: Driving Value in Blockchain

Azat Nugumanov


Topic: TBD (To Be Determined)

Mike Clear

Director of Business Development at Watchman Payment Systems (Soft Fork)

Topic: Everything You Need To Know About Mining

Joe DiPasquale

CEO of BitBull Capital

Topic: TBD (To Be Determined)

Arran Stewart

Co-Owner of Job.com ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: The New Recruitment Revolution, Powered by The Blockchain

Kamran Khan

CEO And Managing Partner of Infra-Tech Capital (ITC) ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Technology And Blockchains Transforming The Global Infrastructure Market

Jeff Tennery

Founder & CEO of Moonlighting ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Democratization of the On Demand Economy

James Todaro

Co-Founder And CEO of MedCredits ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Telemedicine on The Blockchain: A Doctor’s Perspective

Sandip Jaiswal

CEO - Co-Founder of IDOC9 ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: iDoc9 A Game-Changing Cryptocurrency Solution for Marketplace (Joovli.com) Payments.

Nirav Jariwala

CTO - Co-Founder at IDOC9 ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: IDOC9 A Game-Changing Cryptocurrency Solution For Marketplace(Joovli.com) Payments

Michael Mayes

Topic: IDOC9 A Game-Changing Cryptocurrency Solution For Marketplace(Joovli.com) Payments

Suraj Tekwani

Project Manager at Skraps ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Description: An Integrated Microinvesting Platform Designed For Newcomers And Traders.

Brett Blackman

CEO of HealthSplash, Inc. ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Title: Healthcare: Fork ‘Em!

Oleg Ivanov

co-founder & CEO CryptoBazar Fund ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic - CryptoBazar Fund: How to choose the strongest projects to invest

Peter Chin

Global Trade and Product Development Specialist & Consultant at Beyond Global Trade ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Building Global Trade on Blockchain. Powered By Stratis.

David Houle

Futurist, keynote speaker, and author of The Shift Age. Kidcoin,Inc ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Revolutionizing Family Finances With Blockchain Technology.

Tony Cecala

Consultant, Speaker, And Digital Pioneer CyptoCousins ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Introduction To Cryptocurrency Mining: Notes From The Field

Christopher Johnson

CEO Crypto Cowboy ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Open Network – Crypto Commodity Exchange Powered By Crypto Cowboy

Gregory Van Den Bergh

Founder and CEO of Bankorus MiCai, Inc. ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Why China is Crypto's Biggest Player?

Alexey Kurashenko

FlogMALL Adviser, IR Consultant North America Business Development ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Revolution on E-Commerce

Andrey Yudin

Co-Founder of CryptoBazar Fund ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Cryptobazar Fund: How to Choose The Strongest Projects to Invest

German Martinez

President & Co-Founder of BYOBitcoin ('Soft Fork' Speaker)

Topic: Mining Crypto. How it Works And How to Make it Work For You.

Fulvio Dominici

Founder - CTO Ubiatar

Topic: How to Use Blockchain Technologies For Human-Powered Telepresence Systems

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